Cruel Dad

15 May 2015 | May 2015

My Mother-in-Law passed away recently. She had been extremely ill with cancer and right before she died, they suspected that she had a second case of cancer too. She was quite young at 68 and was comatose for the last few days of her life in the hospital.

The morning that she died, my father-in-law was tending to her and trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. Her mobile phone rang and she ignored it as she was busy.

Within three hours my mother-in-law died and a few days later he checked the voicemail messages.

What he heard really startled him, and later startled me. He only played me the message a few weeks ago.

All you can hear is this strange breathing sound and blowing noises and static. It starts slowly and grows rapid, then gets slower again and the message lasts for 2 minutes. Was this a spirit telephone call?

It’s rather creepy and I wouldn’t want to hear it again.


Submitted by Bill C.

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