Supernatural Staffordshire: Shelton newlywed’s visit from a poltergeist

20 May 2015 | Ghosts in the news

PARANORMAL Investigator Damon Simms has explored the dingiest corners of some of Staffordshire’s spookiest places. Here he recounts the tale of a woman who had an unexpected visitor at her Shelton home in the 1970s.

Despite some of the preconceptions you may, or may not, have about ghosts – they become manifest in many different guises; as noises, smells and some in a more visible form.

It is also true that they can visit a certain place for a prolonged period or appear in isolation.

There is no set methodology when you experience something truly paranormal.

And that’s true for the woman at the centre of this week’s tale – a newlywed lady named Laura who was living with her husband in Shelton in 1974.

Late one July evening, she was getting ready for bed alone as her partner was out working a night shift.

They were both 27 years old at the time and had been childhood sweethearts; life was good.

They’d recently moved into the modest terraced house and the neighbourhood was quiet with a really community feel; Laura felt at home.

The evening had thus far been uneventful, and Laura felt tired as she walked up the stairs and into the bathroom to clean her teeth before bed.

As she walked across the landing to the stairs towards her bedroom she noticed a strange smell, like that of cigarettes. Not inherently strange, but neither Laura nor her husband smoked.

Confused, she attributed the smell to the fact that one of them may have picked it up on their clothes from the local pub or a relative’s house.

She continued into her bedroom and slipped her bathrobe and slippers off and snuggled into her warm, cosy bed with a book. At 3am she was woken by a strange sensation – what felt like static electricity against her face and hair.

It left like her hair was lifting with the charge surrounding her head, then came the smell again, a much stronger smell of cigarettes as if someone was blowing it against her face.

This unnerved her as she had never experienced anything so unnatural before and she was alone.

Sitting up fully she looked around her dark bedroom and tried to make sense of what she was experiencing.

At that moment the heavy bed cover seemed to shift. It felt like someone had pulled at it a little, but nobody was there.

The room was dark but she could see to the foot of her bed, but there was nothing there.

Then suddenly she felt what she describes as a strong, cold hand grab her around her ankle.

She tried to pull her leg away but the invisible entity would not let go – its grip was formidable.

She screamed as she was pulled towards the open door, she turned and grabbed the headboard hoping for salvation but her spirit assailant continued to drag her from the relative safety of her bed into the darkness of her room – and towards the ominous open door.

Then…nothing. Her body fell to the bed, still holding onto the headboard and drenched in a cold sweat she looked towards the open door.

The smell had gone, the electricity sensation was no more. Her ordeal was, seemingly, over.

That night, Laura is convinced, she was the victim of poltergeist – and a bored one too.

She had been its plaything for a few seconds before it ceased teasing her.

She never experienced anything again in her home, but she’s never forgotten that paranormal encounter.

Have you ever encountered the supernatural? Get in touch with Damon at [email protected].

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