A Voice From Beyond The Grave

29 June 2015 | June 2015, Your Stories



When I was about six, or seven, years old, our home phone rang. It was about 9pm at night. My mum was busy in the other room, so she asked me to answer it. When I did, at first I heard lots of static. I repeated over and over again, “Hello? Hello?” But nobody answered, just all this static. Thinking that must have been a wrong number, I started to hang up. But then a voice caught me. “Hello?” said the voice. To my surprise, it sounded like my grandfather. So I said, “Grandpa? Grandpa? I can’t hear you.” And he said something like, “Hi, baby. How are you? Can I speak with your mommy?” So, thinking it was my mothers father, who is still with us, I gave my mom the phone and left the room.

However, when she came out the room, she had this weird look on her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, “That was your grandfather.” I told her that. Well, of course I knew my own grandfathers’ voice, but she said, “No, that was not my father, it was your dad’s father.

I could not believe it, even as an seven year old, that it was my fathers’ father, who had died many, many years before when my dad was a just little boy. My mum said that he had called to see how we were doing, and that he had finally got a chance to hear his first grand-daughter’s voice.

I was glad that I did answer the phone, because if my mum had answered, I probably would not have had a chance to talk with him. My mum said that after a few words, his voice just faded away into the static. Too bad there wasn’t a such thing as caller-ID back then. I have never had another paranormal experience– one was enough.

Submitted by Anon.

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