A Possessed Painting?

08 July 2015 | July 2015, Your Stories

tiger pic

I have started reading all of the stories on this blog. I have always had an interest in the paranormal and thought I would share my own creepy experience with you.

At home we have a main floor family room which looks up to a deck that looks down into the family room. We were getting ready for supper. My son was upstairs in his bedroom reading with his aunt. My wife, mother, daughter and myself were in the kitchen below. The kitchen is open concept to the family room so you can see pretty well everything in the family room. 

I was standing on the edge of both rooms. All of a sudden, I heard a noise coming from the deck. I went to investigate and saw that a large framed picture of a tiger, on the wall above the deck, was the source of the noise. I actually saw the picture moving, then something picked it up and hurled that picture, which is quite heavy, into the family room. It made a loud thud when it hit the floor, and everybody came running to see what had caused all that noise. Nobody believed me when I told then what I saw. 

I think it’s important to mention that my father passed away suddenly a few years ago. I put this picture temporarily on the wall again and tried holding it there, but it still moved several millimeters. That picture flying off the wall was the creepiest thing I have ever witnessed, even though after my fathers death we have heard many strange noises in our home.

Submitted by Anon.


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