A Demon of a Party

28 July 2015 | July 2015

I had a huge party to celebrate my 18th birthday and the morning after, the house was trashed. I got up early to clean up after I’d finished cleaning I ran to the shops. I came home and to my horror found the house completely trashed again.

Angrily I ran to get the phone as I thought my friends had come back and pulled the house apart again. Passing a mirror I noticed a face… a grinning demonic face grinning at me. I turned, ran out of the house and stayed at a friend’s house until my parents came home the next day.

My friend woke me up the following morning and gave me the phone. My parents were home and found the TV smashed to pieces, their books ripped up and all the pictures looked burnt. Apparently there were long, deep scratch marks on the walls of my bedroom and the dog wouldn’t come out of the basement.

I still have no explanation for what happened—but I never had another party.


Submitted by Kate.

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