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03 August 2015 | August 2015

I had one strange experience once that I would like to share with you. I don’t particularly believe in paranormal stuff—but this was a strange story.

My parents were gone out to a wedding, my sister out with her boyfriend. Having the house to myself I decided I would shower now then watch some TV in my room. My room is on the highest floor of my house, and to get to my bathroom I had to walk down the stairs to my room, open my door and turn left and then there would be my bathroom door. At the time, my bathroom door had been left open.

I got my clothes from my room and I walked downstairs, but out of the corner of my eye I saw something just outside the window on the far wall of the bathroom.  I thought it was a dove at first. But as I turned my head to look directly at it. I saw that it was blurry, and then I noticed that it wasn’t a bird at all. It looked like a face. With two barely recognizable eye-holes, a faded black hole where the mouth would be, and what looked to be a depression for a nose. As I stared at this, it didn’t move, but it did seem to be “fading away,” as if it were

I was pretty freaked out by this time so, after what seemed to be a minute of just staring at it, trying to find a reasonable explanation for what it was, I reached my hand into the bathroom and flicked the light switch off. I could still see it but it was not as noticeable because of the light glare on the bathroom window.

I was so freaked out by this strange occurrence and I didn’t want to go near it. I backed up into my room, turned on the bedroom light, and sat in my bed trying to make sense of it. I didn’t go back downstairs again until my parents returned home the next day.


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