Patient Speaks on the Radio While in Surgery

05 August 2015 | August 2015

Here is really a very bizarre story submitted to the site recently….how does a patient speak on the radio while having surgery? Unless, you believe in out of body experiences….

I was listening to a call-in talk show on the radio while driving in Los Angeles. The announcer came back from a break to speak with his next caller. To my surprise, it was my great aunt calling in. She would not give the announcer her name, but said, “For those in your listening audience who know me, they will recognize me by this song”… and began to sing an old tune she used to sing to me as a child.

I thought I was asleep at the wheel! She went on to say that she was in the hospital having an operation. “I haven’t told many people, not even my family, but they were doing this surgery because they thought I had cancer. They have just found out I don’t!”

The next day, I called my mother to tell her what I had heard on the radio. She quizzed me at length about the actual time I heard my great aunt say she did not have cancer. My mother had been at the hospital with my aunt and was at the time I heard her sing and then talk on the radio – she was still in surgery! At the time of the “broadcast,” the doctors had not even come out of the operating room to tell my mother that my aunt did not have cancer. Ever since that experience I have believed in the paranormal and the great beyond.



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