Derby paranormal team Darkness Falls tell us a ghostly story

26 August 2015 | Ghosts in the news

The following article appeared in the Derby Telegraph recently…..


Derby paranormal investigators, Phil Newton and medium Patricia Farrar have agreed to share some of their ghost stories with us.

This week, they recall when they visited a house that was experiencing some rather strange activity…

“We got a phone call from a lady who’s not so very far away from Darley Park. She was having trouble in her house.” Patricia explains.

“Lights were cracking and breaking, things were being moved around. She asked me if I’d come and look around the place.

“I went round and blessed it and cleared it. Everything was fine until about a month later and she got back in touch with me again and said everything had cracked off again.

“I asked her if I could bring the Darkness Falls team in and she agreed.

“We spent the evening there. We don’t like to know too much beforehand as we don’t like to make any preconceptions. We knew what was happening physically but nothing about the history.

“We went down into the cellar and felt a male presence, we also went into the dining room and apparently they’d been a lot of activity there.

“We could pick up upon children laughing and playing there… or at least the echoes of them from way back when.

“It was nothing malicious just mischievous.

“Then we went into the front room and we got various equipment out in there. The team got me to sit as the object that our machine would focus on.

“As I sat there, other things appeared around me on the screen, but I couldn’t see them.”

Phil explains more about the technology that they use: “Technology has been used on various channels now and by lots of different paranormal groups.

“That particular piece of equipment is a movement sensor that picks up movement of your body and if it picks up something else there that’s not us it will show a stick figure of a bodily form.

“Obviously you can’t see it, but you may feel or sense it.”

Patricia continues: “We told the lady everything that we had found. I said I was picking up a male presence and that I also had an image of the back garden exactly shown to me in my head and when I went out and saw it, it was exactly the same as the image.

“Apparently this lady did a lot of teaching and I picked up loads of information on the children that she taught.

“And also the history of the house was to do with a gentleman that worked with the gas board. There was so much that picked up that linked with what she got.

“We blessed the house again and the last I heard two or three months ago, all was fine.

“She was a lovely lady but quite highly strung about what was going on in her personal life and that can sometimes bring spirits out the woodwork.

“But it was a lovely house and the energy felt beautiful, however it was a fidgety house for a while!”

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