What Are You Going to Do? Shoot A Ghost?

04 September 2015 | September 2015

In about 1976, I moved from the Chicago area to Minneapolis to live with a girl friend. I’m originally from Topeka Kansas and now live out east. Anyway we were renting a Victorian house with another girl from our high school and a couple, he being older and a spy working for the army (ours). This Victorian house was on Lyndale (?) Ave. I’m not sure now of the spelling, but it was totally haunted!

The ghosts, as we were sure there were more than one, were very active.

My then girl friend would see this old man standing behind her in the many builtins with mirrors and when turning around would see nothing and upon looking back in the mirror he would be right there again. This ghost would stomp around at night, open, doors and windows – even in the winter, and always an hour or two after we we all asleep.


One night I got up to use the bathroom and as I was headed back to our bedroom, (we always left the bathroom light on) someone was standing in front our door! It was and old man, short with a beard and I thought at first it was Walt, the Army spy and sometime boy friend of this hot farm girl from Illinois we were going to school with. Anyway I walked to within a few steps of this old man asking “Walt? Walt?” Well, then I realized it was an old man older than Walt, who was much older than us anyway. I stood there petrified for what might had been two minutes, but seemed much longer. I could see him perfectly, but right through him as well! At some point I lunged and he disappeared. I ran into my girl friends room and grabbed a WW 11 P 38 I’m sure I was too young at the time to own. After hearing my over exited story she was like “what are you going to do, shoot a ghost?”

Submitted by Mark

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    One thought on “What Are You Going to Do? Shoot A Ghost?

    1. In SE Asia, some people believe that loud noises, including explosions would ward off the evil spirits. Even though normal bullets will not wound a ghost, had you shot at it, the explosion might have helped you drive him away.

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