The Haunted House in Detroit

13 October 2015 | September 2015

I live in Detroit, my family have lived here for many years. Whenever we passed a small wooden house in Highland Park my dad always pointed it out as a very haunted house that his grandfather built. My grandfather ran his business from the house and my father always told me of a story—apparently there was a dark little room in the back with a painting of an old fashioned hearse on the wall and a small table. Every so often the building got cold and some very strange things would happen.

Apparently my grandfather would hear a loud shaking noise at night, and in the morning the small table would be in a different location. If you were in the room you could heard the sound of horses galloping.

My grandfather got sick of moving this table back to its original position and decided to put it outside. The next morning it had moved back to its original position. It was said that the original owners of the table had been practicing Ouija on the table. My grandfather was a hard man and decided to burn it, rather than put up with its antics.

The building my grandfather built was demolished a few years ago and developers are now talking about building a house on the land. There are two reasons not to buy the house they build—crime in Highland Park is dangerous and that land is probably still haunted!


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