The Voice in the Wilderness

23 October 2015 | October 2015


This happened to me about ten years ago. My wife and I were heading out with some friends camping. My wife was cooking some dinner on the stove and we were about to settle down for the evening. I decided to go for a run and that I would get back before she had finished making dinner.

As I started to jog down a narrow trail I entered a woody area of the track and I could see that there was a sharp drop ahead of me. I thought it would be a slop but my head exploded with voices telling me to stop. I heard another voice behind me that yelled “STOP BRUCE!”

I stopped and walked to the beginning of the slope—to my horror I saw that part of the slope was missing and had been replaced by a huge hole. A sinkhole.

Had I kept going I would have fallen about 20 feet down into this hole and would have killed myself. My wife wouldn’t have had any idea where I was and I didn’t have a cell phone on me. What scares me more is that I could have spent a long, long time down there starving to death. Thank god for the voices in my head!

Submitted by Anon

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