Strange Happenings in New England

24 November 2015 | November 2015, Your Stories

mallThis happened in New England in 1989. My daughter was almost four years old, and we had gone shopping for the day. I really didn’t like to shop in the side of town that we were in. It was rundown and pretty dangerous there. As a child I had spent a lot of time in that area though—we had lived near that shopping strip and my parents and I would shop there each week. Most of the shops were empty by 1989 though.

My daughter and I were walking down the side of the road—a roadside she had never been down before. To my utter surprise she asked, “Can we go to the toy store after you’ve been shopping for food?”

I knew for a fact that the toyshop had closed in that part of town several years before. I tried to explain that she had never been here before—but she turned to me and said “We always went to the toyshop with you when you were a girl.”

I was freaked out—but she was correct. I had gone to the toy store down the street all the time as a child with my mother. My daughter dragged me down the street— she then stopped in front of an empty shop and pointed.

She was right. That’s where Alans Toys had been.

The next day I asked her about the experience and she told me that she had no idea how she knew. I don’t know either.

Submitted by Debbie

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