Shadow People

12 January 2016 | January 2016

It was the early 90’s and my husband went to work out of town for about a month, or so. I had put my two daughters to bed and I was getting ready to go to sleep myself.

Shadow PeopleFrom the room that I was sleeping in, you could see straight into our living room. In one of the corners, I used to see this shadow person that would always try to get my attention. I had seen it that night waving its shadow arms from side to side, as if it was trying to get my attention. I was so used to seeing it that I just ignored it. It really didn’t seem to mean me, or my family any harm.

My daughters were already sound asleep and I was getting ready to get into my bed in the room next to theirs when our dog came and laid down first at the foot of my bed. I flipped the TV on and turned the volume down and was getting very sleepy, very quickly. I could still see the shadow trying to get my attention when all of the sudden, I saw it stop waving its arms and I got this feeling of fear and dread. My dog started barking and focusing on the ceiling in the living room, but he would not leave the bed. I laid there as still as possible and with my limited night vision, could see this black thing crawling really quite quickly on the ceiling. The other shadow was still there doing its thing. All of the sudden, I saw it poke its head out and it looked straight at me, all I could see was this thick black fog. But you could tell it had control of it.

Anyways, it was running around the ceiling for over ten minutes. The longest ten minutes of my life. My dog would not take his eyes off this thing. Once the feeling of dread left the room, I knew it was gone. The other shadow stated again with the waving. I still have no idea what the connection was between these two creepy night time visitors.

Submitted by Anon.

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