They Know You Know!

25 January 2016 | January 2016

A group of friends staying at an old cottage in North Wales on vacation decided to go for a walk on the spur of the moment one morning and eventually found a nice old pub where they thought that they might have lunch. When they went into the pub, they found a group of their friends sitting there waiting for them. Of course, they were very puzzled as to how that could be since the stop at the pub had been a spur of the moment decision and certainly not pre-planned.

“Ah, well we called the cottage and the nice old lady who answered told us you would be here,” explained the waiting group of friends.

peopledrink_1810515iFine, except there was no old lady at the cottage; not a cleaner, not a cook, no one, and certainly no one who could possibly have known that they would decide to visit that pub at that time as that had been a spur of the moment decision.

Extracted from Ghosts In The Machines by G. Michael Vasey.

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