Pictures of Elementals

01 February 2016 | January 2016

I take pictures of elementals in nature.

Hello. My name is Stacy. In 2015 this last summer I discovered that I can apparently take pictures and images of different types of beings that appear on my photos. I understand it sounds completely stupid. But hey, it is what it is. The truth is that I have over a thousand photos at my home that includes everything from ghosts to Aliens, Demons, Stuff in the sky, also and mainly Fairies.

It all started last summer when I decided to try to see into other dimensions. Opening your third eye. And The power of thought. And decided that day the first day I was able to make contact with these things. Is said to myself that day. I am no longer religious. I am only spiritual. And when I made that change in my heart. Things shifted. I see things differently and I have proof. At times though I feel like I’m a haunted woman. I can feel a hand touch my shoulder when I’m alone.

Here is a sample of my photos….

Submitted by Stacy.

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