Alien Tracking

05 February 2016 | February 2016

alienThis happened to me when I was 18 years old, a year ago in Nashville, TN. One night at around 7.00 p.m. I sat on our couch playing a game while my younger sister opened the door and gazed at the clear night sky. We always had such beautiful evenings in the summer.

Then she asked me, “Is that a star moving?” I went over to the door trying to look at the moving star. When I looked at it I said to her, “That’s no star!”

It’s a UFO!” That’s the first time I saw a real UFO with my own eyes.

Then it happened again on her birthday. I was on our front lawn at that time when suddenly I felt something strange was above me. I looked up and saw it again, and the second time and it was closer than before! I was amazed and terrified, so I shouted at her, “It’s that UFO again!” My older brother was disturbed because of my screaming, so he peeked at our window to take a look at it, too.

Terrifying events began to happened to me after that night. I woke up one night and could not move my body — just my eyes. I could see my brother and sister there still sleeping.

Then I saw this ”thing” staring at me and saying something in some strange language. It put something on my stomach! I wanted to scream for help because it seemed painful, but I couldn’t scream.

After that event I keep wondering if it was a tracking device, of some kind? I never told any members of my family about my experience because I know they won’t believe me. Do you?

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