The Man In The Ambulance

06 March 2016 | March 2016

Im 30 years old  now but this experienced happened to me when I was 21. Just 2 days after my birthday in fact!  I was working for a fast food joint as a driver making deliveries. I went out on a delivery that day and on my way back to the office, a bus skipped a traffic light and hit me and my motorcycle on the side. When I woke up, the back wheel of the bus was pressing against my side and I was laying there under the bus in pain.  All of my fingers on one hand were pointing in the wrong direction and that freaked me out.

8327524061_3c8654d4e2_bOut of nowhere, this small girl was sitting with me underneath the bus and talking to me just saying “You will be fine.”  I told her to get out from underneath the bus as that was is no place for a child. When the ambulance arrived on the scene, they strapped me to a board and lifted me into the ambulance where an old man with a leather jacked was sitting. He asked me what had happened and I told him the whole story.  He also told me that I would be fine.

When we arrived at the hospital, my Aunt was waiting for me.  I saw one of the paramedics speaking to her and then they sent me right into the emergency room to check me for brain damage.

I was in the hospital for a week and then went home with cracked ribs and broken fingers.  Everybody told me that I was lucky to have survived the crash.

When I asked my Aunt what the paramedic had told her, she said that I had been talking to myself the whole way to the hospital in the ambulance and so they thought that perhaps I had brain damage. I told her about the man with the leather jacket who was in the ambulance with me and described how he looked.  A couple of days later, I saw a framed picture of that same man from the ambulance and when I asked my Aunt who he was, she told me it was my grandfather – he had died in a motorbike accident when my dad was about ten years old.  I just froze and told her that was the man I had been talking to in the ambulance.  She just laughed and said that it could be that I had a guardian angel!

Submitted by Steve.

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