Mysterious Thing

12 March 2016 | March 2016

While my brother was staying with me, we both just slept in my bed in my room. After we had both gone to bed and I was in a deep sleep, I suddenly snapped awake and couldn’t move. It felt like I had a something akin to an elephant standing on top of my chest. I opened my eyes wide and saw this vague black figure lying on top of me, holding me into the bed. It seemed weightless, but felt heavier than anything I’ve ever known. I tried desperately to scream, and to be honest, I’m not so sure a noise even managed to escape my mouth. The figure opened what seemed to be its mouth showing these strange razor sharp teeth, it then screeched in my face, and vanished. I could feel its breath on my face.

demon-on-chestI checked my brother to make sure he was okay, and he was still sound asleep. It’s like there is nothing happening to anyone else in the world when these occurrences happen. No noises are ever heard by other people in your vicinity. It all seems to happen on a different plain of existence. I ended up falling back asleep and was later again woken up to the sound of my brother gasping and the sight of him struggling. I shook him until he was able to move again, and he started crying, telling me this thing was holding him down and trying to hurt him. He described exactly what I had seen in vivid detail.

Of course, I saw nothing because it wasn’t happening to me. I wonder how many people on a daily basis are tormented by these happenings—without anyone ever believing them?

Submitted by Anon.


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