The Strange Voice

16 March 2016 | March 2016

floatingI have always been a little “different,” as some of my friends and family might say, but I have had some very interesting experiences! My first experience, that to this very day I still do not understand, happened when I was about six years old.

My Dad had just put me down to sleep in my bedroom when I started to hear a voice. The voice was always the same: calm and, almost seemed, friendly. It would ask me, “Jump up the wall with me.” Meaning, up the wall in my bedroom. So I was basically jumping against the wall. I then would feel hands pulling me up and down and I would laugh, and so would the voice.

Soon, the voice was asking me to do even more strange things. It would ask me to “climb onto the banister and stand up and jump and I will carry you down.” This house was a three-story house! The voice told me to do the same again and I did, and I really do remember being carried safely to the floor. It seemed like I was floating. Again it asked me to do it again one day – and I did, only the voice had changed in some way. But being young, what was I to know? I jumped and cracked my head straight open and damaged my spine.

Submitted by Anon.

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