The Ghost In The Clock

30 March 2016 | March 2016

Here is a short story from my book – Ghosts in the Machines.

When still just a girl, the lady recounting the story had visited her grandmother’s neighbors house together with her grandmother. At some point, she needed to go to the bathroom and on the way back, she noticed the huge ornate grandfather clock. Something like steam seemed to be emanating from the clock and, as she watched innocently, this steam materialized into the outline of a man. The man was nice and spoke to her kindly and, at the time, she wasn’t afraid at all. On returning to the living room she told her grandmother about the clock and the man and took the two astonished older ladies into the hall. Of course, there was nothing there but the clock.

A few days later, her grandmother showed her some old photos of her and her neighbor. She pointed to a man in one these photos and told her grandmother that this was the man she had spoken to. Her grandmother went pale as she told her that the man was her neighbor’s father and he had been dead a very long time indeed.

The Ghost in the Clock is an all too familiar story of objects and machines that seem to be inhabited by a ghostly presence….

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