The Ex’s Flowers

04 April 2016 | April 2016

When I first met my current partner, he told me some very strange tales about his life and about real magic. Some of the stories he told me were really strange – things that moved, pictures falling off walls around him, that sort of thing. I thought it wonderful talk, but that was about it.

A couple of weeks later, my ex, who wanted me back, bought me some flowers. They were pretty and although I had no intention of going back to him, I put them in a vase and positioned the vase next to the roses my partner had bought me in another vase. I told my partner about this who was several thousand miles away at the time on a trip. By the way, I didn’t own a cat or any other animal and i did not leave the windows open.

The next morning, when I woke up, I discovered my ex’s flowers vase had somehow fallen over. So I cleared the mess wondering how that might happen and filled the vase with fresh water and placed it again on the counter top.

When I arrived home from work, I was amazed to once again find my ex’s flowers spilled and the vase knocked over.

By now, I was beginning to wonder how this could be happening?

Determined to discount the growing idea that my partner had somehow caused this to happen, I refilled the vase and propped it up in such a way as it could not possibly fall over. Of course, when I cam home later that evening, I was shocked to find that somehow, the vase had once again been knocked over and the flowers spilled. Throughout all of this time, my partners roses were just fine.

I gave up at that point and tossed my ex’s flowers away. It seemed to me that if my partner wasn’t consciously making this happen then I should take it as a sign….

This is the only ‘supernatural’ thing that has ever happened to me and I still wonder at it.

Submitted by Anon.

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    One thought on “The Ex’s Flowers

    1. Interesting! If I were you, and were that inquisitive about the incidents, I would set up a camera to film the interesting details! Such a footage would be invaluable to you and your next generations. What a pity!

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