22 April 2016 | April 2016

This story of mine takes place in the house we moved to a few years ago. We live in Michigan and I live with my parents. I thought for years that I had been hearing things, but I’ve been researching the paranormal and it seems that much of what I have been experiencing has been experienced by others.

I would be on my own in the house usually upstairs and would hear my parent’s car park up by the house, I hear the sound of them opening the car doors, then I’d hear footsteps and I’d hear them open and shut the front door and call up to me telling me they are back which they always do. I call down to say I’ll be down to them in a minute and when I do there’s no one there. I usually call them and they would be still out miles away from the house. It really creeps me out and has been happening quite frequently over the past few months.

It’s just me, my parents, our one dog and no-one else and yet I hear them when they go out. When they are gone shopping I hear them come in with the bags, plonk them up on the table, take out the items and put them in the fridge, cupboard all the while talking amongst each other. As soon as I reach the stairs its eerily quiet all around. When they go out walking with the dogs, I hear the same thing minus the shopping and one of the dog’s bark when being let out of the car, the front door opens and the dogs are put out the back for a while, which is what always happens when they are definitely back. But when I call them, I can hear the wind in the background and they keep cutting off due to the poor network coverage in the mountains, so I know they are not at home. I think this is a case of doppelgangers, but I can’t be sure. All I know is that I am the only one who experiences it.

Submitted by Anon.


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