The Crying Baby

05 May 2016 | May 2016

In 1997 we had just moved to a new neighborhood and I was about 9-years old at that time. The new house was big 4-bedroom house with 2-bathrooms and a pool but more importantly, the rent was so cheap that my Mother couldn’t believe it when my Dad told us. My brother and I liked to play cricket and there where more than enough space for that.

It happened the first night while unpacking the boxes. I heard a baby crying in one of the rooms. at first, I thought it was my brother trying to prank me, but when I entered the room it was cold and damp but there was nothing there except for boxes of stuff to unpack and a rolled up carpet. I went to ask my mother what to unpack next and there it was again – a baby crying from that same room. My Mother asked me if I could hear the same noise of a baby crying and I said yes but that it was my brother playing a prank on us. She told me that my brother wasn’t in the house as he had gone out with Dad to fetch boxes from the other house. We went to check that room again and found nothing. We went back to the hallway and waited for the sound and there it was again. No windows were open either.

That night while we were sleeping the baby’s crying became louder and the next day we moved out again. A couple of months later my mother found out that the previous family that stayed there had all been murdered in the house along with their baby.

Submitted by Steve

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