The Recurring Dream

05 May 2016 | May 2016

This happened to me when I was just 10 years old and on my birthday. I came back from school and my family was at my Dads house. There was cake and presents and it was a wonderful day. My Uncle came to visit us and that was a big surprise for me as I hadn’t seen him in a long time.

That night my Dad and my Uncle decided it would be fun to go out for the night to a local dans club. I asked my Uncle if i could drive in his car and he told me that there wouldn’t be any space for me because his girlfriend would be with him and also my Aunt and her Boyfriend so I just went with my Dad instead. On the way to the club, we came across a terrible accident and it was actually my Uncle’s car. My Dad ran to the car but it was too late, my Uncle and his Girlfriend had passed away and my Aunt was in bad shape.

So now every year I get the same dream of that day a week before my birthday and I’m turning 31 this year and I am still haunted every year with the same dream.

Submitted by Steve

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