The Lady in the Cemetery

25 May 2016 | May 2016

I have been in the funeral business for over forty years. I’ve seen, heard and experienced all kinds of things in funeral homes. Cemeteries are filled with stories of the supernatural. But one event really stands out to me. There are many country, as well as church cemeteries. One such cemetery in particular is Old Macedonia Church cemetery. The cemetery is rather small and surrounded by a chain fence with entrance gates on only one side, located about a football field length behind the church. Most of the markers are uprights and too small for anyone to hide behind.

I had a funeral there in the adjoining church with the committal to follow immediately afterward. This was in the early 80’s. I had asked the family to return to the church while the grave was prepared. I watched as the last person turned to enter the church door, and then directed the cemetery and vault personnel to proceed. Within a few minutes the casket had been lowered into the vault and the vault about to be lowered.

Looking toward the church I noticed an older lady approaching, about a few from us. I was taken aback by how she had gotten so close to us so quickly without anyone noticing, and I asked the guys to wait just a minute. The lady was dressed in a turquoise colored Victorian style maxi dress trimmed in white lace, and as she walked I could not see her feet or tell if she was wearing any type of shoe. As she passed within one foot of me I asked her if she was okay. She did not look at me or even acknowledge that we were there, nor was there a breeze or anything from her passing by. In fact, the look on her face was one of determination, as if she was determined to go to a certain spot that she would not take her eyes away from.

I watched as she continued to walk by for a minute or so when one of the guys asked why I had asked them to wait. Looking back at them I stated “I wanted you to wait while that lady passed.” They then asked “What lady?” I responded “That one…” To my amazement the lady was gone. I had looked away for just a second or two. There was no way she could have gotten out of the cemetery or hidden behind a marker. All the guys denied having seen her, and I never described her clothing.

Later at the funeral home I was telling one of the other funeral directors about the incident when one of the cemetery personnel stated “You mean the one in the turquoise dress?” It would seem he had seen her after all.

Submitted by Anon.

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