31 May 2016 | May 2016

Reflections of past events in life, which were experienced in childhood flow through my mind like the earliest picture machines in a penny arcade.

I see myself so young. around four and my hair is wound tight in pigtails. I come from a large family and I see my older brother, my mother, and two sisters climbing into the car. It is so hot and the air is thick with humidity, I remember the burning from the vinyl seats in the car. We are on our way to visit our great grandmother and her sisters, our great aunts. Great grandmother lived in a nice home and I do not know how old it was, but to us children it seemed big. We loved going there to see them, but hated going there because it was strange. When you walked through the door it felt like something was heavy upon you and like eyes were watching from every corner.

There was three stories in the house with the upper story consisting in part of an attic. I can see me and my brother now, going up and down those stairs, up we would go and bump down them as fast as we could. I do not know why, but we always walked up the stairs and then sat down to bump down the stairs. My brother was everything to me, yet there were times I am sure I detested him. I can see us creeping into my great aunt’s room and he and I were standing before a huge floor length mirror making funny faces. We were laughing and being so silly. We were standing there when we heard something, a moan out of thin air. We stood there paralyzed for the moment and definitely not laughing anymore. The moan came again; this time it was much louder and there was a huge pop. We stood frozen as the mirror we were standing in front of cracked down the middle.

Submitted by Sherri

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