A Dark, Cold shadow

06 June 2016 | June 2016

I went to a small fair in Steubenville, Ohio. The main street into town has an underpass that goes underneath train tracks. There are a number of stores located in the underpass. The fair was located directly beside the underpass. We had walked about a half mile to the fair and were returning to our cars. It was about 11pm.

When we reached the underpass heading away from town, my friend J asked me and his girlfriend to wait for him while he went up the hill to the tracks to relieve himself. The other people in our party had kept on walking and were almost out of sight. As J’s girlfriend and I waited on the sidewalk for him, we heard him actually scream. He came running down the hill, still screaming and ran past the both of us. We were wondering what was wrong with him I saw his girlfriend look down at the sidewalk. She then ran to catch up with him.

I was standing there by myself wondering what the hell was going on when I saw it. It looked like a person’s shadow, a silhouette of a head and shoulders but stopped at what would be the chest. It wasn’t my shadow because it was totally detached from me and its head was near my feet. At first I thought it was another person’s shadow and I looked down the sidewalk. There wasn’t anybody there. By this time, I was well into the tunnel of the underpass. The shadow remained as strong as ever. Also two cars came down the street and their headlights passed across it but it still remained.

Even though it was summer, the closer the shadow came, the colder it got. The shadow traveled across the ground and came toward me. As soon as it reached my feet it disappeared. I then ran to catch up with John and his girlfriend. I asked him what it was we just saw. He said he didn’t know, but when he was up next to the tracks, he heard a rock overturn and this thing came out from under it and chased him down the hill. I talked about this to a friend of mine and she said it was probably the spirit of someone who had been hit by a train and that’s why the shadow was cut across the chest. Both my friend J and his girlfriend are in denial about what he saw, but I believe I came in contact with a shadow person.

Submitted by Alan G

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