The Grey Lady

09 June 2016 | June 2016

Some four years ago, before I retired, I was employed as an engineer in the NHS, in the UK. One day, while I was at work, I was requested to attend a noise that had been reported by nursing staff which appeared to be coming from the tunnel. The tunnel ran the length of the hospital, below the ground floor. It was used to take bodies from the main hospital block to a lift which entered the mortuary. This tunnel consists of two parts a new part and an old disused part, empty but for the steam, air and electrical services, which still ran its length. The top of the tunnel was sealed off, meaning that the entrance and exit where the same. The old part of the tunnel is where the fault lay. This tunnel was approx. 100 mtrs long, with an old wooden door half way up.

On entering the tunnel, I could hear a steam leak, which was coming from beyond the door. I opened the door walked through and it closed behind me. As I attended the repair, I suddenly heard the creaking of the door opening. I turned to witness the door slowly opening, until it was open fully to the wall. As it stood open, I could see to the bottom of the tunnel and no one was there, then it suddenly slammed with force. I ran down and opened the door and no one there! No one could hide behind the door as it opened fully to the wall, and there was nowhere anyone could have hid, and I was near to the door, so no one could have ran the length of the tunnel without me seeing them.

It freaked me so much that I went to the office to request help, saying I couldn’t carry out the repair on my own. When I later told one of my work mates what had happened, he replied, “oh I see you’ve met the grey lady then!”

Submitted by Keith R.

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