Ghostly Footsteps

10 June 2016 | June 2016

I recently posted a story called the grey lady and this is another story that happened to me while working at the same NHS hospital as an engineer. The job that I did required me to work overnight once a year with a private company engineer whose job was to sterilize pure water equipment. This work could not begin until the department closed at 7:30 pm and since it took nearly seven hours to complete, it was 02:30 am in the morning before the engineer finally left, leaving me on my own. It was my responsibility to ensure everything was operational for the shift in the morning, which started at 07:30am.

The department that I was working in was in the basement of the hospital. At that time it in the morning was very quiet, especially in the basement, where I was totally on my own. I had just left an outside plant room. The external door led into a small room, where the body carts where stored; these carts where used to transport bodies from the wards down to the morgue. Beyond this, double doors led into the main corridor of the basement. As I turned right and started to walk down the corridor, I could hear footsteps that appeared to be coming from behind me. As I stopped to turn and look, the footsteps stopped, but there was no one there. I carried on walking, and the footsteps restarted, again I turned around and they stopped, again I turned around, and no one was there, this happened all the way down the corridor, until I reached what we called the cross road, at the cross road I turned right into another corridor, but the footsteps didn’t continue after that. I couldn’t wait until I had completed what I had to do and leave. I was completely on my own after the other engineer had left. I thought to myself that the footsteps were from the floor above, but all floors above the basement where carpeted and not only that but it was 02:30 in the morning and obviously patients would be asleep, and no visitors would be around. I then thought it was myself, as when I stopped, so did the footsteps, but I was wearing rubber soled shoes. But the footsteps I was hearing, were those of leather soled shoes on a hard floor.

I had carried out this same procedure for the past eleven years, and this was the first time I had heard these footsteps, and I never heard them again after that.

Submitted by Keith R.

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