Dream Stalkers

14 June 2016 | June 2016

Since I was twelve, I have had dreams with unseen entities in them. My dreams are so real, taking place in houses I lived or live in, or rooms I’ve slept in. I can never see these “things” but know exactly where they are in my dreams and can hear them. Sometimes they talk, though I can never remember what they say. I try to scream and cry out for them to leave me alone. Sometimes I try to call out for god to help me, but he never does. I am paralyzed and can’t speak. It’s as if they take away my ability to make a sound. One time, one of the things got into my mind from my ear. I woke up in a cold sweat. I have also had strange figures in my dreams just staring at me, and I’ve even seen things that have come true later on. For example, I saw one of my friends almost get run down by a car—a few weeks later I was walking with that friend and the whole event played out just as it had in my dream.

One time I dreamt that a close friend of mine was going through chemo. He was fighting fit, and the dream didn’t seem to be coming true. About three years later he called me to tell me that he was going to start his treatment. Treatment for what? Cancer. He was going to have to go through chemo.

Sometimes when I am just about to fall asleep, the atmosphere will change in my room and I suddenly jolt awake. It’s like my body becomes hyper sensitive to my surroundings and is open to other worldly things. I used to have to battle these things taking over my body. I would throw fits in my sleep and thrash my head around trying to keep them out. I know for a fact that I have done this because one of my friends watched me do it once and it freaked him out. I don’t understand why this happens to me.

Submitted by Alana D

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