Mother’s Voice?

16 June 2016 | June 2016

I was about ten years old at the time back in 1983, at my grandma’s house. We all lived with my grandma at the time, my uncle, my sister, my mother, and I. It was a weekend evening, and everyone in the house went to a party a family friend was throwing. I was pretty sick, so my mother stayed home that weekend with me.

We were staying up really late watching TV. We were getting really into this film when all the lights in the entire house went off. The house was pitch black; we couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces. My mom stood up and said, “I’ll go check the breaker in the kitchen. I’ll be right back.”

She was gone for about ten minutes at this point, and I was just sitting on the living room couch waiting. I was a little spooked out by the darknesss, but confident that the light would come on soon. Then I heard her voice, coming from the guest bathroom. “Jenny… Jenny… Come here.” It was my mom’s voice in a whisper, but I could tell it was just a little different. My blood froze.

“Jenny… I’m in the bathroom… Come NOW.” I knew my mom was in the kitchen room, which was way opposite of where this voice said she was. I slowly stood up and found myself making my way to the long hallway, hands in front of me because I could not see a thing.

As I slowly walked closer and closer to the guest bathroom it picked up. “I’m in here…” the voice said. I was in front of the bathroom door, hand on the knob ready to find whoever was in there.

Then, just like that all the lights in the house came back on. I quickly ran into my mom’s arms and I cried. I didn’t tell her what happened until much later on. That was probably the scariest thing that ever happened to me. What was impersonating my mother?

Submitted by Jenny.

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