The Stalker

22 June 2016 | June 2016

My family and I used to have our own farm until we lost it to the bank. Strange things had always happened to me, especially in the house on that land, but nothing like the experiences I had at my grandparents’ home. We had been living with my grandparents probably a couple of months or so and everything had been normal. Until one night I woke up in a daze. In my bedroom I had a big window looking out into the backyard. There outside my window was, what seemed, to be a woman with long black fingernails and long black hair. I remember I felt a sense of pure evil from that figure. Her eyes were red. I can still remember her to this day. I know she meant to harm me. I could see in her eyes she wanted me dead. I lay in my bed, still unable to speak until finally I found something like a voice coming out of my throat.

I screamed for my sister who slept in the room next to mine. She had to break into my room because I would always lock it. Once she came in the evil looking woman disappeared. I finally felt safe when my sister held me. I know this was not a dream because I remember I kept open and closing my eyes thinking I was dreaming and a one time I was able to pinch myself. I am convinced this was real

I told my brother this story some years later and he said that both he and my father had seen this woman in their dreams. What was she doing stalking our family? What could she have possibly have wanted from us?


Submitted by James

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