Eerie Footsteps In An Empty Hall?

27 June 2016 | June 2016

Unexplained sounds can often be the creepiest thing. In this true experience, Keith tells us about the sound of footsteps in an empty building. Ghost or imagination?

This happened to me sometime in the late 70s, at the time I was working, as a contracting engineer. The company I was assigned to was situated in an old school building that had been extensively extended. The old school building ran for about 100 yards before being connected to the new part of the buildings. There where various rooms, which had obviously been used as class rooms. Only the doors and walls had been removed to leave open rooms. A corridor, which was a wooden floor, ran the full length from the entrance door to the beginning of the new part, after that, in the new building the floors where solid.

Under the wooden floor was a cellar probably about 4 feet in depth, which also ran the length of the old building, which meant when walking on it, it created a hollow sound. It must have been winter, as the nights where dark and everyone who worked there left the building at 6 pm. I was on my own in the building, in an office catching up with paperwork. As the nights where dark, the lighting was on throughout the building. After the last person had left, I locked the main entrance door. The office I was working in was in the new building just around the corner from where it joined onto the old building. I walked the length of the old school building to the office that I was working in. As I walked, my footsteps echoed on the hollow wooden floor. It could be clearly heard as the equipment was silent and as no one was working.

I returned to my office and continued the paper work that I had to complete, I have no idea how long I had been there when I heard the distinct sound of someone walking on the wooden floor. At first, I thought nothing of it as I thought one of the managers (who all held keys to the door) had returned for some reason. As I sat there, the footsteps started to come closer. They would stop, and then start but they appeared to walk away from where I was, then stop and walk back again. This went on for about 5 mins, so I decided to leave the office to find out who it was.

As I entered the old building the footsteps ceased. I had a clear view towards the entrance door and no one was there, I shouted out, who’s there? but no one answered. As I was supposedly to be in the building on my own, I was to lock the building and set the alarms as I left. I decided to search the other rooms and offices to see if anyone else was in the building but I was entirely on my own. I walked the length of the building to the entrance door, it was as I left it, locked. I can remember that the hairs stood up on the back of my neck, and I had a shivery felling over my body. I decided that was enough for the night, I walked the length of the old and new building turning of the lights, and couldn’t wait until I set the alarms, and high tailed it out of there.

Submitted by Keith.

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