Three Creepy Text Messages You are Glad You Didn’t Receive

30 June 2016 | June 2016

Who needs to buy lots of expensive ghost hunting and spirit communicating kit these days? Ghosts and the dead don’t need such tools. They can just text you. Here are three deeply disturbing examples of texts from ghosts…..

A Text from Hell?
After purchasing a new cell phone it began immediately receiving text messages. The owner of the phone had not even had a chance to tell anyone his number or even that he had a phone. At first, the text messages were just strings of garbled letters, but then he noticed that sometimes there really were words. A call to the the number doing the texting turned out to not exist, but when a text was sent back, the texter would answer. Over time, the texts became more and more legible and appeared to originate from a man who thought he was a soldier. When asked where he was texting from, he told them only ‘hell.’ The only solution to stop the texts was to switch off the phone as these texts messages came thick and fast otherwise.

Texts from A Poltergeist
A poltergeist in one well-documented case used family member’s phones to send text messages to other family members even when all of them had actually turned their phones off. The family members all presented their phones to prove that they were not responsible for the texts. Family members even received a text that originated from a phone in which the battery and SIM card had both been removed.

I’m Watching You….
A woman living alone in an apartment got a text one night from someone who could plainly see her. The texts even commented on her new hairdo that no one had yet seen or knew about. The number the texts were originating from didn’t exist when she called it and yet, whoever it was, responded to her texts back. She actually called the police thinking that someone was in her home to be told off by the texter and told that the police wouldn’t find them because ‘they couldn’t be seen.’

Next time you hear your text alert….. you might think twice before reading it?

(All three stories taken from Ghosts In The Machines available in Kindle and audiobook formats.)


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