Arguing Voices From Upstairs Concern A Small Girl

07 July 2016 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was young, I lived at my Aunt’s house. The house was huge but was completely occupied as most of my relatives lived there. However, during the day, the house would be almost empty except for my older aunt and the housemaid, as most of the people living there went to work.

One day, I was sent home early from school because I was sick. Upon arriving home, the housemaid prepared me some chicken soup and told me to eat it at the dining area. She left me there alone and I started to eat the soup. After a few minutes, I heard some voices coming from the 2nd floor. At first I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it sounded as if they were arguing. Straining to understand their conversation, I realized that it was my Aunt and Uncle’s voice arguing over selling the old jeep that my Uncle was driving. Their voices were more audible now and In fact, I thought that they were about to physically fight. I stopped eating and went and stood at the bottom of the stairway to listen more. That’s when the housemaid saw me and asked me what I was doing there? I told her Auntie and Uncle were fighting. She looked at me as if I had said something terrible and told me to take my medicine. At that time the voices had stopped and so I started to go up to the second floor to check out my Aunt and Uncle. The housemaid stopped me though so I cried and said that something terrible might have happened upstairs because it had gone all silent after the argument I had heard.

The housemaid told me to calm down because we were the only ones home at that time….

Submitted by Janethski


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