Haunted by Doppelgangers and the Bad Luck That They Bring!

09 July 2016 | Doppelgangers

We have had a few stories about doubles or Doppelgangers and the bad luck that they are reputed to foreshadow…. this one is a really creepy example of a family that appear to have been literally haunted by them.

I have had several instances of doppelgangers. I had a period in my life when I was suffering from severe insomnia and depression. I was living with my mother then and wouldn’t sleep for 3-4 days at a time. One afternoon, I was finally able to fall asleep. Before I went to bed, I let my mom know that I was probably going to be asleep for a while. She told me she would be leaving to go visit a friend. She knew I was very tired. I drifted off to sleep after I heard her car take off. I don’t know exactly how long it was after I fell into a deep sleep, that I was scared awake. My bedroom door didn’t latch properly, and it flew open with great force. Then I heard my mom say my name VERY angrily and loudly. I was really irritated and snapped back with “WHAT?!” No reply. I looked out to see her car still gone. There was no one else that was in the home, let alone that could mimic her voice. During this time, mom was in the early stages of dementia and we didn’t know it.

Another instance also occurred when I lived with my mom. Probably within a few months after the first experience. My sister built her home next door to mom. She is able to see mom’s front porch from her living room window. One morning, she asked me “what the hell were you doing on (mom’s) porch last night?” I hadn’t been. She and her partner both swore that they saw me standing very still and staring over to them. I was actually asleep that whole night. She even asked “me” what I was doing and I didn’t say anything. She thought it was odd and it made them feel uneasy. Not too long after, I had some health issues occur. I felt like I was going crazy. My mom’s dementia eventually led to her passing away.

I’ve heard that doppelgangers are a warning that something bad is going to happen. In my experiences, it did.

The last one happened to my brother. At the time, he was about 8. My sister has been raising him since he was a baby due to my mom’s health issues. One day he asked my sister why she was just staring at him at night. He claimed that she would stand in his doorway and he said her face looked white. He would talk to her and she would continue to stare. Of course, she wouldn’t do that to him. During this time, my sister was having very hard financial issues and also had depression. We starting smudging our homes and it temporarily kept them away. After I moved away and mom passed, it seemed to have settled down. It has been several years since any doppelgangers have bothered us (knock on wood!) I was afraid to be alone for quite a while.


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