Shadow Boy Haunts My Sleep!

13 July 2016 | Shadow people

This happened around 7 years ago. I’m 14 now and am still freaked out by this event. So, I was calmly sleeping in my bed when I woke up – nothing out of the ordinary. I realized the covers were moved over as my feet were hanging out of bed. As I looked around the room, I saw a boy stood right at the foot of my bed just looking at me. I ran out of the room screaming waking my Mum, Dad and even a neighbor heard me. We all went back into the room to look around but nothing was there. Ever since that night nothing further has happened, however the occasional object has moved.

shadow-ghost1About three weeks ago, I woke at around 2:30am. I sleep on my side and I could see the floor and could see very clearly the shadow of someone stood over me. I turned around as fast as I could to see nothing there and then the door slammed. I managed to get back to sleep that night to awake an hour later in the same position to see the shadow of someone stood over me again. Only this time it was so close I could feel someone’s breath on the back of my neck and it was making some sort of clicking sound like it was trying to speak but couldn’t. As I turned over I realized that the door was shut and there was nothing there.

My friend has even left the room crying, saying something whispered in his ear and that he could see a shadow around the house – he said this before I told him any of the events that I have witnessed.

Submitted by Anon.

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