Black Eyed Man Stalks A Couple At A Small Town Gas Station

25 July 2016 | Black Eyed Kids, Creepy places, Your Stories

I have been interested in the paranormal for a few years, and read the stories on your site almost every day. I have been thinking about something that happened to me a couple of years ago. I was in college, and had just left a movie theater with my boyfriend.

As we were leaving, I saw a car and I looked into the window, and no one was in it, or maybe the windows were tinted so I couldn’t see anything, but I stared at it for a while not knowing why. Then my boyfriend realized he needed gas pulled over into a gas station. As he filled up and went into the station to pay for the gas I noticed that the car I’d seen before had now pulled into the gas station and was pulled up against our car.

The window was rolling down and soon I could see a man, who looked to be a teenager, with long hair. I instantly thought he was just another kid getting gas. A coincidence. But when he turned to look at me I could see that his eyes were completely black.

My first reaction was utter fear. I didn’t feel like I was being looked at by just a kid. I just had a sensation. I turned away, too scared to look at him. Then I managed one more glance and he hadn’t moved. He was still so close to his car window and had those eyes on me. I’ll always remember those eyes.

When my boyfriend arrived, I told him about the guy. We both turned to look at the guy and he hadn’t moved. He was in that same position. I noticed I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t keep looking at him. My boyfriend got freaked out, too. We both had the same sensation: he’s not human. I have since moved to another state, for work purposes, but I remember that incident very well.

K Lyon

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