A Disembodied Voice!

04 August 2016 | Your Stories

This incident happened in 2009 in Odessa,Texas. I was living in an apartment with my boyfriend, Artie and a dog. One night I was home alone with the dog. As I was ready to fall asleep, the dog already under the covers, I heard a man’s voice say “Hey lady” in a very distinct, gruff voice – like a heavy smoker. The dog reacted right away barking. Just then I heard Artie coming into the house. We talked about what happened, calmed the dog down and went to sleep.

The next day, I mentioned the incident to a couple of neighbors. One man told me that a few years before, A man had committed suicide in my apartment. He blew his brains out in my bedroom. The neighbor knew him. When I asked him what kind of voice his friend had, he told me that he had a deep voice and he was a heavy smoker. His name was Eddie Mack.

Fast forward to 2015. I met a man through a personals column. I was telling him about my experience. When I mentioned Eddie Mack’s name, he told me that he knew him. He was a cop in the town where he’d grown up and that he’d lost his job. My friend knew that he’d blown his brains out, but didn”t realize it was in Texas.

Submitted by Joan.

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