Angel of Mercy: Have You Ever Seen An Angel on the Roadside?

10 August 2016 | Your Stories

I was on the way from Alabama, where I was working at the time, heading home. The journey took around two hours. I was turning left at a yellow light, confidently thinking that the truck several feet away was going to come to a stop. The truck hit the passenger side of my car at 50 MPH. Thank God no one was riding with me or they wouldn’t be here today. My car was totaled.

As the vehicle got closer to impact, the more things began to become a dream to me. All I remember is the truck hitting my vehicle in slow motion. Time went on and I was awoken by the touch of a presence upon my face, the touch of a lady. Being that she was on the passenger side which was struck by the truck looking into the vehicle, I knew that she didn’t reach in and touch me, but it was like a spiritual connection.

As I awoke with this touch, I looked to my right to see a lady with red hair. I can’t remember her clothing, but I asked what happened and she said, “You’ve just been in an accident.” I was still recovering and I responded by saying, “For real?” kind of slow. She then said, “Yes…. everything is going to be fine. The ambulance is on the way.” I just groaned.

I never noticed her leave my car. It was just a minute or less after our conversation that the police and ambulance arrived. The accident was so bad that it was already documented that there had been a fatality. Out of amazement, everyone saw a skinny, 5’9″, 16-year-old kid get out the vehicle with few scratches and no injuries. There was only one witness and he was a male. He claimed he saw everything, because he was behind me. I told everyone about the lady with red hair, but they said there was only one witness to  the accident, which was the man.

Has anyone else had experiences like this? I believe I was touched by an angel, and my life was saved by God that day.

Submitted by Anon.

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