“Let Me In” – A Bizarre Doorstep Encounter With A Black-Eyed Book Salesman

11 August 2016 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories

Encounters with Black-Eyed Kids and People continue to flood into the site. This one was just submitted.

I had just been shaken to the core by a UFO encounter. I was left shocked, nervous, a bit afraid, but also in awe by this encounter. I decided to report this to Mufon. A mufon investigator came to my home and I told him about my sighting which he seemed to find very interesting and amazing.

Two days later there was a knock at my door. There stood a very young man holding some magazines. The magazines looked a little tattered and somewhat used. He was looking down as he talked to me saying he was a magazine salesman. His tone of voice was drone-like. I was very nervous the minute I opened the door and somewhat afraid. Why, I don’t really know.

As the young man looked up at me, I noticed he had large square black glasses on and his eyes were large and pitch black. His face was pale white and waxy looking. So eerie and not at allhuman looking. He stared at me with intensity. That scared me even more. Not to mention the magazines he was selling were old and torn. The black suit he had on was very much out of style and looked to be from the 1950’s. The young man proceeded to say he needed to come in so he could show me the magazines. I told him he could show me from the front porch. He persisted that he needed to come inside. He repeated that several times and began to become irritated with me. I told him I wasn’t interested but he continued to want to come in. He wouldn’t give up. I was scared and wanted him to leave but he wouldn’t. He said I needed to invite him in or else he wasn’t allowed to enter, which I thought was a strange thing to say. Not allowed??? He began to step inside. He said again I needed to invite him in with such an urgency in his voice that it frightened me. I had to push him away and slam the door and lock it. The man kept knocking on the door saying he had to come in. I yelled to him to go away or I would call the police. All of a sudden it was very quiet. The knocking had stopped. I walked to the window and looked out. There was NOBODY THERE! It seemed impossible that he could of disappear that quick.

I was left feeling very scared and shocked at what had just happened. It was the strangest thing!

The next day I asked my neighbors if they had a magazine salesman come to their door. The answer I got from all of them was ” no”. They said they hadn’t even seen anyone around the neighborhood that fit that description.

I don’t think he was a real salesman at all. He looked, sounded and acted very very strange. Those huge black eyes were one of the scariest things I’d ever seen. He just seemed so odd and robot like. I hope I never see anyone like that again. Unreal.

As for being paranormal, I couldn’t say. Maybe it had something to do with the ufo I had seen two days earlier. All I know is it was extremely strange and and very scarey!!!

Submitted by Paula

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