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12 August 2016 | My Haunted Life Toosdays

Take a listen to this Weird Darkness podcast episode from Darren Marlar – It features content from this site – your stories – read by the talented Mr. Marlar. If you like it share it with your friends too…..


#WeirdDarkness EP076: The Dark Presence


All stories submitted by

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“Held Down By a Ghost: A Terrifying Waking Experience” submitted anonymously

“A Disembodied Voice” submitted by Joan

“Could Your School Be Haunted?” submitted by D.D.

“The Brewster Projects Poltergeist” submitted by Alan D.

“A Ghostly Truck Intimidates” submitted by Joan

“The Dark Presence” submitted by Ira T.

Music provided by Shadow’s Symphony

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The novel “The Last Observer: A Magic Battle for Reality” is written by G. Michael Vasey and is coming soon as an audiobook to The print version is currently available on Amazon. Be sure to come back for another chapter of the novel in our next episode!

You can hear a sample of the audiobook “Singer of Lies: A Science Fantasy Novel” by Michael R. Collings on the audiobooks page at To win a copy of this audiobook, share this video on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll choose a winner randomly later in the week!

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Thanks for joining me… in the Weird Darkness.



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