Ouija Board Hell in America

17 August 2016 | Doppelgangers, ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is a very strange tale submitted by a site visitor in which her double is seen on multiple occasions and even spoken with on one. Was the doppelganger a result of playing with a Ouija board?

Back when I was still in high school, a strange set of events occurred to me. It all began one night when my two younger sisters were in their bedroom on the second floor of our house with the door open. I was downstairs watching TV with my parents and had decided to go upstairs because it was late and I was ready for bed. When I went into the bedroom, my youngest sister looked at me and laughed. She asked why I had been on the stairs waving at her and smiling before. My middle sister said that she hadn’t seen me, but the youngest insisted that she had. I told her she was crazy and that I had been downstairs the whole time. She kept insisting I was there, but I told her she was dreaming and I went to bed.

A few days later, my sister told me that she had seen me again, this time on the third floor staircase. I tried to explain to her that I had not been up there all day. Once again, she insisted and I argued with her, telling her to stop lying. Still, a few days later, she and my youngest male cousin ran into my room and told me that they had just seen me downstairs. I had peered from behind a wall, smiled and waved, then hid again. My youngest cousin saw me first and pointed it out to my little sister. They both knew I was upstairs and freaked out. I was a little weirded out at this point, but told them to calm down; maybe it was their imagination.

mirror imageAbout a week or so later, I came home from school in the afternoon. My dad was sitting in his usual chair next to bookcase. I threw down my backpack and said, “Hey” as he looked at me funny. He said, “Where did you go?” I replied that I went to school, just as I do every day. He then told me that I came home at lunchtime, bent down to get a book and went upstairs to my room. He thought I was up there the whole time. I told him, “No… I have been in school all day.” He said he must have fallen asleep without realizing it. We thought nothing more of it.

I remembered that my sister and my cousin also claimed to see me when I was not around and decided to tell my mother about these events. She thought about it and said she remembered that when I was very young, my grandfather was alone in my living room talking to someone. My mother went in and asked him who he was talking to and he had said, “To Bumpy.” My mother informed him that I wasn’t home that day. I was with the rest of my cousins at my aunt’s house. My grandfather looked around and came to the same conclusion my father did — he said that he must have fallen asleep.

My mother decided to consult an expert, who told her to get rid of the Ouija board that I had. I gave it to my mother and she disposed of it. Since then nothing strange has happened.

Submitted by Anon.

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