Vacation of Death

20 August 2016 | Doppelgangers, Your Stories

The world is a strange place and so many people experience this strangeness once or twice in their lives. Take for example, this story sent in via email last week. Was this simply her imagination playing tricks with her? If so, where did the power that compelled her to enter the water come from? Or, as she suspects, was it her daughter’s doppelganger luring her to a premature end on the vacation of death?

As a family, we love the beach so much that even when it rains, we are out on the beach when we take our yearly vacation. One year ago, we were on the beach looking for seashells, even though it was misting and a storm was starting to brew. My husband and our two oldest daughters decided to go back to the cottage to eat. Our 4-year-old wanted to continue hunting for seashells. Well, as it happens with kids, as soon as they left, she decided that she wanted to catch up with them. Because they were only about 20 feet away, I called for them to wait on her. I made sure that they had her before I turned away to finish my seashell hunting.

downloadI walked for about twenty minutes until the weather started to turn really rough. The mist was heavier and the waves were churning. I have never seen such a rough sea and so I turned back with a feeling of unexplained dread. I couldn’t shake it. I looked out into the ocean and I could have sworn I saw my 4-year-old drowning in the waves. I knew with absolute certainty that she was safe back in the cottage with her father and siblings, but yet there she was drowning in the rough seas.

I started wading into the water to try to help her. I was in a total state of panic. I was crying and absolutely hysterical. I knew that if I went in the water I would drown. But there I was going, even though I knew that it wasn’t really my baby out there. I felt like something wanted me to go into the water so I would die. I had to fight the instinct to help her. Keep in mind that the thing in the water was the spitting image of her.

I took off running to the cottage, crying the entire time. My young daughter greeted me at the door. I was never in my life so happy to see her. To this day I am convinced that the thing in the water was her doppelganger trying to lure me to my own death. I know they say that you only can see your own double, but I wonder. I hope I never have this happen again. I hope this never happens to anyone who is reading this—the desire to go into the water was stronger than any force I have ever known.

Submitted by Anon.

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