Technical Glitch or A Ghost In The Machine?

23 August 2016 | Audible Activity, Your Stories

It has been quite a while since we last got a ‘ghost in the machine’ type encounter from our readers. However, yesterday, we did receive this story – technical glitch or ghost in the machine? You decide!

Over the past three nights, I have had some recurring and very odd “calls” on my cell phone. The first happened early in the morning at half-past four. I was lying in bed sleeping with my phone on placed beside me on a nightstand as I was on-call for work. At the above mentioned time, my cell phone rang 3 times. I struggled to find the phone in the darkness, but eventually did. I flipped it over to look at it and it was as if no-one had called. Usually two notifying icons light up with every call. I woke my girlfriend and asked if she had heard it ring, and she said that she had. Yet, there was no record of any incoming call, message, or anything on the phone. I have had the phone for about 2 years and this has never happened before.

We joked about it being weird during the day, as we had just recently returned vacation. Part of our of vacation was attempting some novice ghost hunting as our hotel was supposed to be haunted.

Later that night, I set my phone beside the bed again. At just past three in the morning, again the phone rang 3 times in row. I was shocked; my girlfriend heard it again this time as well. Again, there was no sign or record on the phone of any incoming call at all. No messages, icons, alerts or anything. I got up a few hours later and called my cell phone from my home phone to see it was working ok. The phone rang normally.

On the third night I really wondered if it would happen again. Just after 3am it did. The phone again rang 3 times. This time I picked it up in between the second and third rings and looked at the face of the phone, and it looked as if there was no incoming call at all. Yet, for the third night in a row it rang 3 times with the same ring tone. Again, there was no indication on the phone of any calls at all, and the phone weren’t even set to that ringtone.

Has anyone ever heard of this kind of a thing before? I’m not sure it’s a ghost. But I really do think that it is. I would appreciate your comments or suggestions.


Submitted by Anon.

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