A Hooded Beast Stalks a 5-Year Old

26 August 2016 | Your Stories

In the summer of 1978 I was five or six years old and living with my grandparents. I often played in an open field right next to my grandparents’ house. One day, while playing there alone I got bored and decided to go inside the house. For some reason that I can’t remember, when I got to the front steps of the house, I looked back to the spot where I had been playing before.

To my surprise, there was this thing standing there. It was wearing a long, black robe with a hood over its head, and the sleeves covered its hands. If the figure had hands it wasn’t entirely clear. The creature, whatever it was, was completely solid. It was looking out toward the river. I was only five and I didn’t know what it was, so I wasn’t scared. I was wondering what it was and how it got there all of a sudden.

I had a good long view of it, like for about almost a minute when it seemed to sense me looking at it and slowly turned to look at me. Where a face should have been, there was just a blackness, and in my little kid’s mind I knew that blackness not a good thing. For a few more seconds, we looked at each other and in a blink of an eye it vanished. I can still see the blackness that should have been its face to this day when I close my eyes. I stood there a little while longer, then went inside to the kitchen where my grandmother was doing dishes. I tried to tell her what I saw, but I had no other words to describe it, except for the word “monster.”

When I got older, I asked if there were any old buildings on that field before my time. My grandparents told me it was an old farmer’s field, and before that nothing else, just empty land. I never did find out what that thing wanted or what it was doing there or what it was exactly. I never saw it again. I don’t want to see it again.

Submitted by Anon.

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