Ghostly Home Invaders Spook Family

29 August 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

Shortly after my husband and I moved into the house that we lived in for 18 years with our 2 small sons and my thirteen year old daughter, we went grocery shopping and took our boys with us. When we got home, my daughter was in quite a panic, because she had thought the house was being burglarized. While we were gone she heard what sounded like teenage boys running up the stairs talking to each other (her room was on the third floor). We could find no indication that anyone had broken in and the doors and windows were still locked.

Four years later, my husband and the boys were camping for the weekend, and my daughter was staying at a friend’s house. I was awoken at 3:00 AM by the same sounds. It sounded like they were carrying metal objects that clanged together, and I was terrified that we were being burglarized. I laid there listening to them until 3:30 AM, exactly a half hour, when suddenly, the noise just stopped. It didn’t fade away, it simply abruptly stopped. I went back to sleep, woke at 6:30 AM, and checked all the doors and windows, which were still locked.

These weren’t isolated incidents, many other strange things happened in that house over the years. For one thing, when the boys were small, they saw what they described as a little blue man zipping up the stairs from the first floor.

We moved out of that house in 2008. I haven’t had a single paranormal experience since.

Submitted by Christine S.

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