A Last Visit

30 August 2016 | Your Stories

This happened sometime in the 90s. I was engineering manager at the time. In my position, I dealt with quite a lot of sales reps. One in particular was a gentleman whose name was Jack Heaps. This particular morning as I drove to work, I can remember thinking that it was a horrible very rainy and windy day. Later that day, I was informed that Jack had been killed in a collision with an articulated lorry that had Jackknifed across the road.

Some weeks later, another manager from another company had decided to go into work earlier, just to check on the heating as it was winter. When he arrived at work, he found Jack there sat in his car. He asked Jack why he was there so early, but got no answer, which was quite unusual for Jack as he was normally a very bubbly jokey type of person. He asked Jack to stay where he was until he checked on the heating, then he would return, and they’d go for a cup of tea. When he returned Jack had gone. Later that day, he phoned the company that Jack worked for, to ask why Jack was there so early, they enquired what time he was there, and when the manager told them, he was told it couldn’t have been Jack, as that was the time that he was killed.

At the time, the person whom told me this story asked me not to tell this to anyone as the person who told him, didn’t wish to appear as being stupid if this story was spread. I never told anyone until now, nearly 20 years later.

Submitted by Keith R.

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