Time Warp Terror?

05 September 2016 | Time warp, Your Stories

One night my friend and I were walking in Des Moines. We were walking. We were half-way to his house when suddenly I was standing outside of a huge skyscraper building in, what I now believe to be Detroit. I then entered the building and there was a lady with kind of platinum blonde hair. Her clothes didn’t look odd or anything. She told me that I was on time for my appointment, so I followed her to an elevator. We stepped inside and she pushed the button for the 53rd floor. When we got out of the elevator, I followed her to some office. The walls and the floor were done in a decorative business-like way. We got to the door and she told me to go in and sit down. When I went into the office, it was a huge office. I don’t think I have ever seen a view so panoramic and beautiful as that one. He told me to sit. I don’t remember him telling me any name. He then started to tell me that they were happy, that I had joined and I would be a perfect fit.

All of a sudden I’m in a pretty good-sized hallway with about 50 other people standing in a military-type line. We all had the same blue and black uniforms on and were marching to a big open garage-style door.

Then I was back in Des Moines kneeling on the ground by some bushes, and my friend asked me what was wrong. I asked how long I had been kneeling and he said just for a couple of seconds. I told him what happened and still to this day he gives me so much crap about it saying that I am crazy and I should be checked out, but other than that time, nothing like that has happened. It was the weirdest thing—even writing this it sounds crazy to me. But I do think I walked through a time warp.


Submitted by Anon.

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