The Black-Eyed Kids Phenomenon… Urban Myth? Something More Sinister? An Interview With Paranormal Investigator G. Michael Vasey

08 September 2016 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner

I was recently interviewed by Nick Wale for Novel Ideas…..

The Black Eyed Kids – Urban myth or something more sinister? It’s not just kids with Black Eyes either but increasingly, Black Eyed People and more bizarrely – White Eyed People too….  G. Michael Vasey, a supernatural expert, carefully investigated this phenomenon using real-life encounters with these scary beings. The result is a truly unsettling and sometimes terrifying book that will have you listening fearfully for the knock at your door late at night.  This interview is with the man behind that new bestselling expose– “The Black Eyed Kids: Your Haunted Lives.” Let’s shine some light on the man who exposes these demons….  

See the entire interview at Novel Ideas.

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